Schell – Becoming the Leader of Water Management and the Specialist of Hygienical Water Systems

When arriving on the Belgian Market, Schell wanted to position itself as a leader of the water management sector. They wanted to be highlighted for their core values : sustainability, innovation and water saving. Today, 7 years later, they regularly appear in the specialized press as the ultimate expert, they obtain the attention and trust of their target audience and they keep multiplying exciting projects and contracts in the country.

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German company Schell, a specialist in drinking water management, saving and hygiene, has been active for 90 years. In 2016, Schell chose Insticom to consolidate her reputation in the Belgian market, through various communication activities such as media partnerships, advertising campaign, customer testimonials, social media management, content creation and press relations. The main challenge was to raise the awareness of the target audience about water saving and water hygiene, as well as the need for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly public and semi-public drinking water infrastructure.

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Approach & Implementation

In order to build a solid reputation with the Belgian public, the first communication activities for Schell were aimed at improving brand awareness, by distributing press releases and obtaining interviews in specialized media. The final objective was to position Schell as the leader in the water management industry, targeting facility managers, architects, and project managers.

The next step was to establish its reputation by developing other regular communication tools, such as producing blog articles and opinion pieces, creating a bi-monthly newsletter, forming partnerships with specialized media, and setting up two LinkedIn pages (one in French, one in Dutch), which are updated on a weekly basis.

Every month, we send relevant content to the media highlighting Schell’s products, news and values, and we adapt it for distribution on all platforms (social networks, mailing, website, videos, etc.). We also provide strategic advice on how to highlight the company’s messages, in order to focus more on the economic nd ecological aspects of Schell’s solutions.


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The results are steady: the achieved coverage is about 10 clippings per month in Belgian media. Today, our media contacts consider Schell as a trustful and reliable source of information for questions about water management systems and water installations. We regularly manage media requests about Schell’s solutions and advise on specific situations to communicate best practices in the facility management industry and know-how on sparing water techniques.


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