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When Google launched its new Nest smoke detector, they contacted us through their usual event organization company sidegroup. A smoke detector is not sexy enough to attract the press, so we developed an angle that would definitely catch the news media’s attention. Check out how we got a national coverage from written press and tv channels.

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Insticom introduced the AXA and Nest partnership to increase fire safety in private environments. Each year in Belgian people die following CO intoxication while fire alarms are in most cases obligatory. To ensure attention for this partnership, we developed a concept to improve the knowledge and awareness of the people about the importance of fire safety in homes. At the start of the campaign, we organized a press event with specialists on fire safety and we used recent studies about this subject. The studies showed a lack of knowledge and behavior of Belgians compared to the citizens of neighboring countries like the Netherlands and the UK. As a consequence, the number of victims of fires in private homes in Belgium are much higher. Also, in order to influence behavior and get attention for the Nest Protect fire alarms, we linked this awareness campaign to AXA home insurance in which they gave away the Nest Protect fire alarm to new customers.

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Solutions & Implementation

Press event focused on the awareness of fire safety in private homes with presentations of fire safety specialists and the fire patrol.

  • A very active media pitch about fire safety. The data of the studies helped in generating attention of this problem and especially that Belgium was doing worse than the neighboring countries raised awareness of the people.
  • We also put an emphasis on the fact that to change behavior in this direction would make a difference between life and death, and therefor made the information we shared more objective and newsworthy for Belgians.



The press event has been attended by two TV channels and relevant journalist from dailies and the Belgian press agency with items in the 13:00 and 19:00 TV news.

  • All major dailies published printed articles the next day and some of them had already online items on the day of the event.
  • The important trade publications had articles in their online and printed editions.


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