Moso Bamboo – Introducing Bamboo as the Most Sustainable Construction Material

Growing by 1 meter per day, bamboo is certainly the most sustainable alternative to all other varieties of wood. That is why we decided to help Dutch company Moso Bamboo to introduce the Belgian market and gain awareness through construction professionals and consumers.

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Moso Bamboo is a Dutch manufacturer of bamboo flooring and cladding. The company launched on the Belgian market and commissioned us to raise their brand awareness to construction professionals and final users though a reputation management campaign.



Solutions & Implementation

Media relations were focused on two levels: product communication via press releases to make the Moso products range known to its target groups, while highlighting the ecological and sustainable properties of the brand, from the grow of the plants to the manufacture of final products. At the same time, we worked on the reputation of the Moso brand by presenting its achievements and highlighting projects that are rewarding by their size or their technical performance. Press relations are focused on presenting Moso as a leading player with great technical expertise. The preferred communication channels are then case studies accompanied by a telephone lobby to convince journalists and encourage them to write about Moso, as well as organizing press events on building sites, and visiting the factory.

Insticom MOSO Bamboo



Moso products have received a very favorable attention from the press and consumers. Each press release being largely covered, both in the professional and consumer press. The ecological and sustainable properties of the whole range, on which the key messages are built, have largely contributed to this. From n almost unknown company when it arrived in Belgium, Moso quickly became the benchmark for bamboo flooring, which enabled the company to establish itself more firmly in Belgium.


Insticom MOSO Bamboo



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