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Cybersecurity is probably the hottest topic when it comes to IT. It is not about ‘if’ you will be hacked, it is ‘when’ you will be hacked. Check out how we helped Dutch cybersecurity specialist Fox-IT to introduce the Belgian market and become the authority from whom journalists wanted to receive a comment or a reaction on cyberattacks on Belgian companies or institutions.


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After resolving the famous Belgacom hack in 2013, Fox-IT started focusing on the Belgian market to increase their awareness and thought leadership on cybersecurity in Belgium to support their expansion on the Belgian market. The company needed an agency to get advised on local specificities, create content to increase presence in the media and ensure presence on events. As a Dutch company, the main challenge was to create Fox-IT’s reputation from zero towards Belgian media, who originally give more attention to Belgian companies.


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  • Thought leadership articles: Insticom started a thought leadership campaign with opinion articles and blogs about key cybersecurity topics in the Belgian media to strategically position Fox-IT spokespeople and strengthten their reputation
  • Media monitoring: Insticom continuously monitors the Belgian media (online and print) to identify important topics for Fox-IT and participate to conversation or launch them
  • Round table discussions and keynotes on events: set up events with key figured and reporters from the ICT industry to position Fox-IT a thought leader on the Belgian market
  • Press trips: inviting reporters to discover Fox-IT’s offices and Security Operation Center (SOC)


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Over a course of three years, Insticom increased the attention from the media with over 50% each year (online and print).



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