Copernicus – Providing Regular Updates on Climate Change to European Press

The climate is changing and Copernicus’ satellite observations provide key data to analysts, scientist and journalists. We leverage that precious information and spread it to the media through press releases and press briefings. Green gas effect, wildfires, oceans temperatures rising: discover the results of our PR campaign.

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Campaign Objectives

Insticom is in charge of external communication and media relations for Copernicus, the European Commission’s earth observation programme. It provides operational data and information services that are freely accessible and provides users with reliable and up-to-date information on environmental issues. The PR activities consist of issuing regular press releases to inform the media about the latest observations and analyzes of the program, organize interviews and press trips and create close relationships with journalists to be aware of their needs of information. Media monitoring tools are implemented to discover hot topics and seize opportunities to add information or other angles.


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The objective of PR activities is to increase Copernicus’ visibility in the media and educate its stakeholders: the general public, politicians, companies (to adapt their processes and their eco-efficiency), scientists, farmers, ecologists.



Regular publication of articles on the evolution of the climate on a European and global scales (+30 articles each month), provided by a network of satellites and ground stations, and analyzed by the  scientific team of the program. The media targets are Belgian newspapers and magazines, scientific journals and European media (EU Observer, The Brussels Times.


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