B Medical Systems – Informing on the Importance of Medical Cold Chain

Discover how we helped cold chain logistics specialist B Medical Systems to get attention from authorities and consumers on the importance of preserving the cold chain for Covid-19 vaccines, leading to position the company as the expert of ultra-low temperature logistics in the healthcare sector.



As part of the deployment of anti-covid vaccines during the Coronavirus crisis, we were contacted by B Medical Systems, a manufacturer of ultra-low temperature freezers and cooling boxes to store and transport Pfizer bioNtech and Moderna vaccines, with respective storage temperatures of -75 °C and -20 °C. In addition, since they are very fragile, respecting the cold chain is essential for the vaccines to remain effective, not to mention the risk of wasting large amounts of money.




BMS being eager to position itself as a reliable supplier of this specific material, we proposed to organize a regular and structured media presence in the Benelux, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Austria through the set up of interviews and an intensive lobby to promote the publication of in-depth articles to demonstrate the experience of BMS and the relevance of launching the reflection on the importance of purchasing high quality equipment for the transport and storage of vaccines. The subjects were as varied as possible, from the importance of respecting the cold chain, to providing information on the journey of vaccines from their manufacturing location to the patient’s arm, through demonstrating BMS’ experience (supplier of WHO and UNICEF for several decades), and by providing various advice to position BMS as a key expert in this very specific sector. We also used the local news to leverage topics and win opportunities to increase BMS’ presence in the media space. In addition to mass media, we also targeted the specialized press by developing subjects about the technology behind those freezers and transport boxes.




The campaign schedule was perfect for BMS as we started activities a few days before the vaccines roll-out, which allowed us to alert the public and the authorities on the importance of respecting the cold chain. We quickly received attention from important media who queued to interview BMS’ managers: the BBC, Radio 4 BBC, Financial Times, Daily Express, Les Échos, BFMTV, L’Usine Nouvelle, RTBF, RTL-TVi, Le Soir, la DH, Biotechniques, Laboratory News, Kleine Zeitung, Wiener Zeitung, Finanz Nach Richten, MSN, de Volkskrant, Transport & Logistiek, Paperjam, Le Quotidien, RTL, Luxemburger Wort, …


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