Azerbaijan press trip – Inviting Reporters From all Continents

When Azerbaijan wanted to take a position as a tourist destination, we helped the Tourism office to invite lifestyle and travel reporters from all over the world for a one week press trip. Thanks to our Worldcom network, 44 enthusiastic journalists attended. We did this in only 2 months and got global coverage.


Insticom Azerbaijan Press Trip

Campaign Objectives

  • Organise a press trip
  • Within 2 months
  • Targeting 50 international lifestyle and tourism journalists
  • From all over the World
  • To create global awareness for Azerbaijan


Insticom Azerbaijan Press Trip

Target Groups

  • Journalists worldwide (consumer and trade press)
  • Leisure and business travelers
  • MICE industry


Insticom Azerbaijan Press Trip


  • 44 participating journalists
  • Satisfying all journalists with different interests (tourism/travel, culture, food, economics, etc.)
  • Audience reached: 443.439.492 people on 6 continents
  • Publications in news media, lifestyle media, radios, financial media
  • All articles enthusiastic and positive
  • Commercial value: €1.221.124,00



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