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The regional agency for Commerce in Brussels hired us to get a regular presence in the media, both national as regional. Check out how we managed to raise interest from the media and ensured massive coverage in the press, as well as radio and tv interviews.

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Atrium.Brussels, the Regional Trade Agency of the Brussels-Capital Region, wanted to collaborate with an agency for the management of its external communication. Atrium wanted to increase its visibility to improve the rate of participation in its calls for projects (Open Soon, L’Auberge Espagnole), the attendance of its press conferences, its notoriety with the general public, with the ultimate aim of making itself better known to the Brussels shopkeepers and people wanting to open a business in the capital and let them know the help that Atrium can provide. The collaboration was planned for a limited period of time, after which Atrium, the Brussels Agency for the Enterprise (Impulse) and Brussels Invest & Export (BI & E) would merge into a single new structure.



  • Content writing: press releases, opinion articles, press kits, expert opinions and coaches
  • Planning of interviews of experts and coaches of Atrium, according to news or current projects
  • Media trainings and coaching before interview of Atrium spokespeople
  • Organization of press events in various places in Brussels (restaurants, markets, Tour & Taxis)
  • Daily monitoring of the media to be able to bounce back on topics or seize opportunities to give Atrium’s opinion or comment on them
  • Press office: buffer between the media and Atrium, management of requests from journalists, provision of various information
  • Preparation for the management of crisis communication
  • Collaborations with the communication teams of the other Brussels agencies and ministries (MAD.Brussels, the Ministry of Trade and Employment, etc.)



From the start of the activities, Atrium has been present in a regular and coordinated way in the national and local media: online, print and on local and national television channels and radio stations. Over the six months of our collaboration, more than 160 articles have appeared on Atrium and its activities, as well as a dozen radio interviews and TV appearances. This regular presence has made it possible for Atrium to gain notoriety from the public, but also and above all from merchants and prospective traders. Thus Atrium’s Open Soon call for projects has met with increasing success, with over 500% more registrations than in the previous edition.


About Atrium.Brussels

Atrium.Brussels is the regional trade agency. It encourages the development of new commercial activities in the Brussels-Capital Region, while ensuring the improvement of regional planning and the attraction of shopping areas. In particular, it encourages residents, shopkeepers, owners, local authorities and investors to invest in the city and ensures that the various actors take part in the renovation and revival of their neighborhood.

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