Air Products – Becoming a Top Leader in the Gas Industry and Energy Transition

World leader in industrial gases Air Products (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon) has been counting on us for a decade for their PR in the Benelux with our Dutch partner. Content creation, factory visits, demos: find out how we help Air Products’ positioning and raise their brand awareness.


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Campaign Objectives

  • Position Air Products as the main gas provider in the Benelux for several industries
  • Position Air Product as a technology leader and pioneer
  • Position Air Products’ gases as the purest gases for the health sector as well as the welding industry
  • Establish a crisis communication plan to prevent accidents in a gas production facility or during transportation


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  • Produce content on a regular basis for all Air Products departments: Health, Food, Industry, Welding
  • Create opinion content to position AP as a visionary in its industry
  • Media trainings for spokespeople
  • Organize press events to present new major products (cryotherapy chamber for instance)
  • Organize press visit to Air Products facilities (opening of new facilities, show security measures in older ones)
  • Work in close collaboration with Dutch agency Wisse Kommunikatie
  • Partners to promote their services (shuttle, parking, shops in the safety zone, etc.)
  • Manage all image and pictures production
  • Manage day-to-day press contacts and fill reporters needs of information
  • Monitor the news to seize opportunities for participating to conversation, add information, provide a new angle
  • 24/7 on hold crisis management


Insticom - Air Products



  • Air Products in the top 3 of industrial gas providers in the Benelux
  • Regular presence in the media
  • Presented as a thought leader
  • Crisis situations management (accidents in local facilities, terrorist attack, fire, robbery)


Insticom - Air Products


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