The Power Of Partnership: The Benefits Of Belonging To A Global Network

by | Jul 28, 2020

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Even since our agency was founded, we have been the Belgian partner of the Worldcom PR Group. Worldcom is the world’s largest network of independent communications agencies, with more than 140 offices in 115 cities, 49 countries, in 6 continents.

We regularly collaborate and work closely with our Worldcom partners all around the world, and our customers benefit greatly from the advantages of this network. International companies can apply their communication strategy adapted to each country’s cultural and specific needs, and the best possible conditions. Moreover, they benefit from the expertise of local communicators who are perfectly familiar with the media landscape of their country – journalists, bloggers, influencers – and are fully informed of the news of each economic or political sector.

At Insticom, we take advantage of this shared knowledge to better promote our customers. Thus, for example, when a company wishes to launch its activities or its communication on a foreign market, or when it comes to ensuring a good reputation, a Belgian company is assured that its communication will be fully effective in the target country. Consequently, a company wishing to enter the Belgian market and that is already working with a partner of the network will be certain that its strategy will be implemented locally by serious and experienced professionals.

Our international customers are not the only ones that are benefiting from the worldwide Worldcom network. During global crises – the Coronavirus is a perfect example – partners share their best practices, their best ideas and solutions to help and assist our customers. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and ideas, which allows us to be more effective in protecting the reputation of our clients and to quickly identify the potential success of a campaign abroad by contacting our partners. In fact, it is very simple: through Worldcom you can from a single point of contact lead a global campaign, ensure your reputation management, obtain specific and local information and get professional advice on the feasibility of a strategy. Worldwide.

For 10 years, we have been working with Worldcom partners to serve customers from many different industries: Panasonic, Air Products, Autodesk, the Copernicus Earth Observation & Monitoring program of the EU, SanDisk, Bobcat, Canon Medical, Doosan, Leica Geosystems, CHEP,, Oodrive and many others. Thanks to our membership in the network, we were able to organize a press trip to Baku with 44 journalists from 37 countries around the world, all done from Belgium.

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