Pushing our limits as a team: a special teambuilding day for Insticom

by | Oct 28, 2019

What did October have in store for the Insticom team? Well, a day like no other: the long-awaited annual teambuilding!

We did not know beforehand what we were going to do, and the surprise remained intact until the last moment. That was until we arrived at our destination: the MC Boxing gym in Uccle and needless to say, we were a little anxious. But during this year’s teambuilding, we were able to truly test our strength and endurance as a team through the discovery of an intense sport: English boxing.

Three coaches were waiting for us; Maïté, Fred, and Thorsten. Their job was to help us bring out the best in ourselves. There was no time to waste and we started immediately with the warm-up, skipping rope, intense physical exercises, basic movement training and challenges. All this gave us the opportunity to push ourselves not only individually, but also as a team: solidarity, team spirit and encouragement were essential to everyone’s success. The many challenges set by the coaches gave rise to a great spirit of competition and a strong sense of togetherness.

We emerged unharmed yet exhausted from the boxing session, which was then followed by a debriefing session led by Sophie Van De Venne. Sophie is a performance coach and the debrief was centered around a key question for any company that wants to do well, namely what the characteristics of a dream team are. During this occasion, everyone was able to express what they thought were the strengths and weaknesses of our own team. We were able to identify a noteworthy asset: at Insticom, the trust between employees is sky-high and the various skills of the team are very complementary.

The efforts that were made were then rewarded: we enjoyed a delicious meal at Chez Martine and ended the day discussing everyone’s progress and the agency’s developments. It was also the perfect opportunity to properly welcome Axelle, our new recruit, and to get to know her better.

Thanks to all the coaches and Hans Karperien for organizing this memorable day, and let’s not forget: go team Insticom!

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