How to best approach an influencer?

by | Aug 26, 2022

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While the circulation rate of traditional media such as newspapers and magazines is declining, the reach of influencers is steadily increasing.

Unlike a newspaper, a blog or an influencer’s account on SoMe only mobilises a limited team. Often, it is even a single person, publishing content and claiming some sort of legitimacy on a given subject. While this system itself can be controversial, influencers are able to engage their audience, spark action amongst them, and offer the opportunity for a company to direct this public enthusiasm towards its product, service or business. In some cases, it is a much more direct way to gain visibility than trying to convince journalists and their editorial staff.


Getting the attention of influencers or bloggers requires a different approach than the one used to reach a journalist.

Here are some tips and tricks to get your message to stand out in an influencer’s inbox. We went and asked dutch blogger Jolique Möller from Influentials.

  • Clearly explain the subject in the title and add relevant emoticons
  • Detail the demand and the possible retributions
  • Do not send a pre-made template, be original and personal
  • Be brief, catchy and relevant
  • Offer personal meetings off-line, take them to have a coffee irl.

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